The Top 10 Posts of 2013

An image of Blackbeard from
the State Archives

During the past year it’s been our pleasure to tell you some fascinating stories from our state’s history. As we head toward the New Year, we thought we’d recap those posts that you liked the most. Here are the top 10, with the most popular at the top:

  1. The death of the infamous pirate Blackbeard on Nov. 22
  2. The discovery of Laura Foster’s body in Wilkes County on June 18
  3. Isaac Avery’s dying words at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 3
  4. Tom Dula’s conviction of Laura Forster’s murder on Oct. 21
  5. The hanging of Frankie Silver for the murder of her husband on July 21
  6. Oct. 30’s entry, which covered the 1629 land grant to which North Carolina can trace its roots and name
  7. The Stanley-Spaight duel on Sept.  5
  8. Sept. 10’s entry, which covered the burning of the Cherokee town of Nikawasi
  9. Otto Wood’s final escape from prison on July 10
  10. The completion of the Linn Cove Viaduct (that famous part of the Blue Ridge Parkway) on Sept 11

Otto Wood

If you’re one of our long-term readers, you may know that January will mark 15 months since we first began the This Day in N.C. History Project. Though we’ve had to repeat some stories from our first year in our second, we’d like to bring you as many fresh stories as possible for as long as we can.

To that end, we’re asking for your help. Have we missed a story that you think we should cover? Is there a story from your community that you’d like us to tell? Share your idea with us on our website at We’ll take a look at what you submit and consider as we plan out our calendar for the coming year.

One last thing–if you’re a big social media fan–check out our This Day in N.C. History Pinterest board. There you can discover all our posts through the fantastic images from our collections and beyond that we’ve used on this blog.

Thanks for continuing to follow us! We hope you enjoy reading these stories as much we enjoy writing them.

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